Marine Thruster Service & Repair Specialists

Clever Marine Services Ltd offer a complete marine thruster service & repair service for both tunnel and hull mounted marine thrusters on a wide range of ocean going vessels. We can provide a responsive service and are able to provide a fast and efficient repair to help you avoid costly dry dock alternatives.

Our experienced team of marine engineers are able to manage all stages of the project from preparation, logistics, acceptance and operational execution on behalf of customers across Europe and beyond.

Marine Thruster Service & Repair

We can provide the following marine thruster service and repair options;

Inspection on the dock

  • Backlash and tooth pattern verification
  • Trust bearing clearance verification on pinion and propeller shaft.
  • Propeller blades seals exchange
  • Propeller shaft seals exchange
  • Functional test

Inspection on the water

  • Backlash verification
  • Pitch adjustments
  • Thrust bearing clearance verification on pinion shaft

General overhaul

  • Thruster removal from the tunnel
  • Overhaul in the workshop
  • Parts verification
  • Machining if necessary
  • Backlash and pattern adjustments
  • Thruster installation in the tunnel

We are specialists in the service and repair of the following makes of marine thruster;

  • Rolls-Royce
  • Brunvoll
  • Wartsilla
  • Kawasaki

We have huge experience in the removal of marine bow thrusters from the tunnel afloat (grids dismantling, and pad eyes welding included).

If the vessel can be trimmed and the malfunction cannot be repaired on side we are able to remove the thruster from the tunnel, blind the foundation hole and ship thruster to our workshop. After repair thruster can be installed in the next port of call.

Examples of repaired marine thrusters in reference to vessels;

Rolls-Royce Marine Thrusters

  • BBC Chile
  • Jascon 34
  • Semullet
  • Caroline RUS
  • Fredrich Russ

Brunvoll Marine Thrusters

  • Sten Baltic
  • Vera D
  • MV India
  • Belfast Mearsk
  • Astrea

Kawasaki Marine Thrusters

  • Skane
  • Helen C
  • Greta C
  • Anja C
  • Sebring Express

Wartsilla Marine Thrusters

  • Skane
  • Betty Knutsen (done in our warkshop)
  • Berlioz

We have vast experience in the service and repair of the following marine thrusters;

Rolls-Royce CPP

  • Kamewa TT 1300
  • Kamewa TT 1650
  • Kamewa TT 1850
  • Kamewa TT 2000
  • Kamewa TT 2200
  • Kamewa TT 2400
  • Ulstein 45 TV
  • Ulstein 90 TV
  • Ulstein 150 TV
  • Ulstein 250 TV
  • Ulstein 375 TV

Brunvoll CPP, FIX

  • FU-45-LCT
  • FU-45-LTA
  • FU-63 LTC
  • FU-63-LTA
  • FU-80-LTC
  • FU-80-LTA
  • FU-100-LTC
  • FU-100-LTA

Kawasaki CPP

  • KT-55B3
  • KT-88B3
  • KT-105B3
  • KT-130B3
  • KT-157B5

Wartsilla CPP

  • CT125 H
  • CT 150 H
  • CT 175 M/A
  • CT 200 M
  • CT 225 H/M
  • CT 250 H/M

If you would like to talk to one of our team about your marine thruster servicing or repair requirements then please feel free to get in touch.